Walk and Talk Counselling

I am pleased to offer socially distanced walk and talk counselling to clients in Cambridge, as a safe alternative to working on Zoom.

Outdoor therapy combines the benefits of conventional indoor sessions with an opportunity to connect with the natural world, and is recognised by the British Psychological Society as an evidence based approach. Many clients find walk and talk sessions liberating and effective, and it can feel more natural than working over internet video chat.

Walking will always be at your pace - we can stop and rest at any time, and if the weather looks bad you can let me know if you would prefer to switch to Zoom any time up to an hour before our session is booked.

Sessions take place at these locations in Cambridge: Lammas Land in Newnham, Midsummer Common, or Brook Leys in Eddington. For safety reasons I am only offering walk and talk sessions during daylight hours.

If outdoor sessions sound like the right way to go for you, please contact me either via my contact form or on 07935 148013.